Land Surveying

KEBS, Inc. has decades of surveying experience by professional surveyors and highly trained crews with the knowledge, expertise and equipment that are second to none in Michigan. From coast to coast we know the lay of the land, literally.

Our Survey Department offers a full line of the most requested and necessary types of surveys available and will advise you about what you need and why you need it, in accordance with all professional and legal requirements. Following is a brief overview of each type of survey we can provide. You may recognize your desired type of survey by the description but if you are still not sure, just give us a call or use the Request for Service Form link.

In addition to our extensive list of traditional surveys for construction and property owners, KEBS also can perform surveys for accident sites to help law enforcement preserve or recreate the scene of an accident. We also can provide specialized HAZMAT/HAZWOPER-certified landfill surveys.

Boundary Survey

Knowing the exact size, configuration, and layout of your property or the property you intend to purchase is vital to making smart decisions. If you own property a Boundary Survey is necessary for planning projects such as fencing, landscaping or adding a structure within your property boundaries. If you are planning to purchase property a Boundary Survey will indicate the corners and lines of your potential investment and will also provide a legal description of the property.


Detailing all features of a property, particularly when considering new development, often requires more detailed information than would be provided on a standard Boundary Survey. An American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress of Survey and Mapping (ACSM) survey may be the solution. An ALTA/ACSM survey includes detailed information about the features of the property including structures, driveways, pipes and culverts, corners, lines, and anything else that exists on the property at the time of the ALTA/ASCM Survey.

Topographical Surveys

Prior to developing a plot of land it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the site, giving architects and contractors a base to work from when planning the site. Topographic (Topo) Surveys illustrate the physical condition of the property by detailing contours, natural and man-made features, utility locations, access roads, and any other features that may need to be considered during various phases of a project. KEBS has performed thousands of Topo Surveys utilizing the latest technology. Topo Surveys allow the owner to understand the characteristics of a property before any work is started, saving owners and developers time, money and resources.

Construction Staking

Translating architectural and engineering drawings for projects require a reliable and accurate method of taking the plan from paper to actual site grade. Our Construction Staking services include site preparation and mass grading, foundation determination, road and highway, parking lot, utilities, and landscaping. From concept to completion KEBS is your reliable partner helping you through your project.

House Stakeouts

From a single home to an entire subdivision, KEBS has the expertise, resources and experience to handle your house staking projects. By trusting KEBS to complete your project, you can be confident in the proper placement of the home. A house stakeout considers the size and configuration of the foundation, minimum set backs from property lines, easements, and other restrictions that could affect the placement of a structure. KEBS’ skilled staff has the expertise to provide full stakeout services within your timeframe.  

Parcel Splits

If you own a piece of property that you would like to divide into plots, KEBS can assist you with the splitting of your parcel. KEBS will locate and mark your property corners with improvements including the appropriate drawings and legal descriptions to move your land split along smoothly and quickly.

Flood Certification Surveys

Real Estate that lies near a body of water is very desirable, but comes with a cost. If your home or property resides within a flood zone you may be subject to costly flood insurance. KEBS can offer relief by researching your property and determining if your property indeed crosses a floodplain line. KEBS will go to your site, collect elevations for an elevation certificate, produce an elevation certificate and finish with a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) if your house is not in the flood zone.

Recently, FEMA released new flood maps for Eaton, Clinton, and Ingham Counties.  If you live in, or own property in any of these areas, and would like to know if these changes impact your property, you can view maps at the FEMA website by clicking HERE

If you have received a letter from your mortgage company stating that you need to have a Flood Certificate Survey completed, please contact us.  If you are in "Zone A" according to a FEMA map, we must get elevations from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) before any fieldwork can be started, which can take 90 days or longer.

Mortgage Reports

When purchasing a home, the bank often requires a report of the land that places the house on the property as well as any inclusions that may affect the building structure. This information is then noted in the description of the property, which is the essence of a Mortgage Report.

Lot Surveys

If you live in a residential area or subdivision you may find a Lot Survey useful. A Lot Survey will show the corners and lines of the property, improvements including new development on the property and a description of the property. Lot Surveys are often used in place of a Mortgage Report when purchasing a home.

Accident Surveys

Accident surveys are performed to establish accident scenes down to very small measurements and when performed soon after an accident, will include all aspects of the accident from the accident participants and the roadway to such things as traffic signs and signals, telephone poles and anything else that is present at the scene. The survey essentially creates a perfectly measured picture of the accident for use by law enforcement, insurance companies and private parties to determine what happened and who or what was responsible.

Landfill Surveys – HAZMAT & HAZWOPER Certified

Landfills continue to be a sensitive issue across the United States and particularly in Michigan. The combination of wastes, including hazardous wastes, in old landfills creates extraordinary environmental concerns that are regulated by federal, state and local agencies. New landfill construction is also regulated to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. KEBS’ Surveyors are Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certified for work at most contaminated sites including landfills. We can also assist with surveys for cleanup and restoration of these sites in compliance with the stringent guidelines established by Michigan and federal environmental agencies.

KEBS offers surveying services for:

  • · Landfill cell construction
  • · Landfill closure
  • · Methane extraction wells
  • · Monitor well location
  • · As-Built drawings